We LOVE Matters Speaking

Emte Boutique LOVES Matters Speaking fine fashion jewellery. When Emma (Emte Boutique Owner & Buyer of Extraordinary Jewellery), came across Matters Speaking she knew that it was inevitable that Emte should become a Matters Speaking Stockist.

Made with love, this beautiful jewellery inscribed with inspirational words will speak directly to you. The collective of words will inspire you. The silver and rose gold necklaces and rings will make the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

Fine chains are adorned with smooth pendants inscribed with words that will speak to your heart and allow you to wear your inner feelings on the outside. Layer fine silver bangles with words of love and wisdom to reflect your unspoken thoughts. Combine silver LOVE rings with All You See Is A Shell necklace for the perfect beachy vibe. Choose a special sentiment that reflects how you feel for a loved one and give the perfect personal gift, whether it be one of Friendship or Love, given to a Gypsy Soul or a Wild Spirit.

Matters Speaking are two sisters with a bond that is beyond words who share a love that runs deep. Ignited by inspiration, fuelled by passion, enticed by everything from the earth to the sky, challenged by creativity these two talented humans are determined by a desire to make a difference. 

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