Dos Ombre

Dos Ombré is an interiors and homewares company founded on the simple premise that an individual’s creativity is often best expressed through their personal spaces.

An extension of passion for finding and creating perfect handmade pieces that marry elements of traditional workmanship with the basic needs and aesthetics of 21st century living.

The collections have been gathered from Central America, Asia, Morocco and all corners of the globe. A love of the original, the unique, the one-off and all that is different in our world, inspires Dos Ombré to cherry pick the best bits from different cultures and countries with a focus on what’s different, exciting, authentic and real.

With a unique and individual design sense, each Dos Ombré item brings a sense of place into the home and just as importantly each item has been created with one goal, and one goal alone, { to look damn cool in your place! }

 dos om·bré 1   (dôs) (óm-br, é)

n. Slang

1. The cardinal number equal to the sum of 1 + 1.
2. Something having two parts, units, or members.
3. A man; a fellow.
4. Spanish slang for Two Friends, Dos Ombré is Interiors and Home Wares.
5. Dreamers