Who is Status Anxiety?

I'm sure you can tell by our website and stores that Emte is just a little bit in love with Status Anxiety. We've had a special thing for each other for a while, and we still love looking at pictures of Status Anxiety and posting them on our Instagram feed. And when we are together, we love to touch, hold and take Status Anxiety wherever we go! 

So who, or what, is Status Anxiety we hear some of you ask? In the words of the brains behind the brand themselves... "Let's face it, we can all get a little anxious and obsessed about success or failure based on where we fall in the pecking order.  The symbols of status are varied but can include anything from appearance and possessions to bravado and botox. Status Anxiety believes in the freedom from complexity in all areas of life". 

UNCOMPLICATEDStatus Anxiety was established in 2014, to be a brand that cut the fuss. Leather goods which are functional and uncomplicated in form, letting the premium leather do the talking. 

MINIMALISMStatus Anxiety - made for the minimalist and a life lived more simply.

HOW THESE BABIES ARE MADE : After the designs finalised in Status Anxiety's Sydney studio they're handcrafted from the ground up. First up the leather is inspected for imperfections, blemishes and irregularities. Only the best sections are chosen by Alan, Status Anxiety's leather guru. From the design template a new pattern is formed and cut out of the leather. The new design is stitched, hammered and glued into life by a real person! The production team meticulously works through all the finer details like painting leather edges, internal pockets, lining and hardware. Finally, the QC department fine tooth comb everything, they're the nemesis of error, nothing gets past these guys.  Oh and just so you know, Status Anxiety personally visit their manufacturers every year to ensure safe and fair work conditions go hand in hand with product quality.





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