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If you haven't seen on our socials recently, we recently teamed up with Gold Coast illustrator Lusid Art to create 2 exclusive prints for our Byron and Burleigh stores! With a background in jewellery making and fashion Lusid Art creates highly detailed pieces of art inspired by fashion, music and girls with attitude. She describes her work as "rethinking what you already know" by incorporating familiar elements and memories with twist. Lusid Art's work has been featured on the pages of Collective Hub and across Samantha Wills' personal account as well as a Samantha Wills event live drawing.


We sat down with Lusid Art to get to know the girl behind the work and find out more about what's inspired our exclusive designs.
How would you describe your style in once sentence?
I'm a visual story teller.. I've grown to create illustrations with stories weaves through them that can be found only overtime.
How did Lusid Art begin?
Lusid Art began living in Sydney whilst working in fashion, it's wasn't right for me and on the way I found a passion for drawing again. I wasn't just drawing what I saw or peoples faces though, I was layering different ideas and creating things from the ground up.
What triggered the transition to illustration from fashion and jewelry?
The work and detail I was putting into each piece with jewellery was insane and just got too expensive to maintain. Weirdly enough my pieces were ending up like actual artworks that I couldn't let go of (I still have them). I eventually slipped out of making jewellery and into sewing but still found my strengths in the fashion illustrations.
What inspired these pieces for Emte?
Originally speaking with Emma, we were talking about iconic models and her love of Erin Wasson - for the Erin piece I wanted to create something a bit dangerous and inspired by dusty no mans land, the typography was also inspired by Rach Pony Gold. As for Natalia - she's been one of my original muses for Lusid Art, I came across this image and her eyes just grabbed me, for this piece I just worked the elements around her. It also features lyrics for girl gang band Warpaint - Disco//Very "Do you wanna look in my mind, Open up and see what you find", words I feel resonate with myself in Lusid Art works.
What inspires you to create, who’s your major muse?
I think challenge and possibilities inspire me to create now, just as much as muses inspire my pieces. Some of my favourite model muses are Abbey Lee Kershaw, Bridgette Cooper and Devon Aoki.
How does the average day as Lusid Art play out?
All days start with an early morning (except weekends). Most days vary between drawing, content creation, playing/experimenting and admin, I like to see the sun at some point too - I'd like to think I could draw everyday 12 hours a day but I'd probably go crazy.
Talk us through what you’re working on at the moment?
I've just embarked on a really big project that will be announced later in the year. I'm also working through my star sign series, illustrating so many of my favourite people as well as personal drawing and commissions. Apparently a lot, but it feels ok.
Where can we find more of your work?
All my work can be found between my 24/7 journal - Instagram and my website where I have more limited edition artwork available and my blog!
What’s ahead in the near future for Lusid Art?
A LOT! Making every day,week, month and year count - just have to keep up with me to watch!


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