So Many Midsummer Stars

We've been a Midsummer Star stockist for quite some time now, but we never stop being amazed by the ongoing release of even more absolutely amazing designs that these beauties keep creating.  Midsummer Star jewellery collection includes a treasure chest of gorgeous silver jewellery in the most creative and inspired designs.

We truly believe that there is something for every soul within the Midsummer Star jewellery collection; silver rings inspired by the ocean, silver necklaces with a touch of the spiritual om or namaste, silver elephants for the animal lovers amongst us, turquoise rings for a boho vibe, and plenty of moonstones to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. These pieces are perfect for layering and do not cost the earth! You really can create your own unique style by selecting styles that speak to your soul and layering exactly how you like to.

We wanted to get to know the creatives behind these inspired designs a little bit better, and here is what we discovered about these two beautiful souls... "Free spirits roaming the globe: the moon, comets and stars in their hands. Weaving together years of travel, designing and sourcing, theirs is a treasure trove of otherworldly pieces…Mystic symbols shimmer in the sunlight. Crystals and stones glint beneath the moonbeams. Owls, foxes, wolves and cats go where the wild things are. Eclectic, nomadic, beautiful… all drawn by the Midsummer Star."

We've just added a whole heap more stunning pieces to our ever expanding collection of Midsummer Star jewellery. Take a wonder around the collection, get lost in the magic that is Midsummer Star HERE.

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