We LOVE The People Vs

You may have noticed our latest label love has been stocked up on our website and in stores. 'The People Vs' has us lusting after their vintage inspired, antiestablishment, unisex grunge fashion. Emte Girls know that we are always on the look out for the next big thing in fashion, and we think you're going to LOVE The People Vs.

As always we wanted to get under the skin of the brand so did some digging, asked a few questions, and are sharing with you what we found...

The People Vs is the story of the streets and the people who occupy them. Drawing from icons of the past, we create vintage-inspired unisex grunge fashion for the moment.

The People Vs. have a collective passion for art, music, surf and street style. They started out with a boutique in the back streets of Bali, with a desire to make high quality, vintage inspired fashion for the people. 

Initial inspiration was drawn from hours spent trawling flea markets for silhouettes and experimenting with washing, dying and innovative printing techniques to establish what would become their signature detailing and hand-feel. The brand was a total hit, and 2 concept stores in Bali soon followed. These stores were designed with a blend of contemporary street style and a retro surf-punk and rock nostalgia.

The People Vs now have stores in Sydney, New York City and their global family has grown with a strong retail presence in the Australian, Japanese, New Zealand and Asian markets. Their original idealism remains the same. Giving a voice to the anti-establishment creating unisex grunge garments for the moment...

You can shop The People Vs on our website HERE.

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