Layer like a pro!

Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off" - Mademoiselle Chanel may not have predicted the layering trend! Emte style lovers will agree when we say...the more the better! 

layer like a pro

midsummer star 

Learn how to layer like a pro! With necklaces, there is such a huge selection of delicate, fine and statement jewellery available for you to experiment with available to buy online or in store at Emte Boutique. Mix metals and lengths - making sure you have a good mix of statement and fine pieces. You don't want to be draped in jewels, you want understated cool, so try with one main, interesting statement piece and add gradually.

love necklaces 

With bracelets and time pieces, you want to mix textures and styles: masculine and feminine, leather, lace and rose gold. Stack for impact. You can wear a bracelet that has a connected ring for ultimate boho luxe! You can mix vintage and modern for a polarizing yet complimentary style.

gold chain
SW cuff

With rings, mix positions and styles. Choose a mix of chunky and fine, jewelled and plain. Mix colours and designs. Black and gold. White, cream and blue. Green and rose gold.. the list is endless! 

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