Emte LOVES the classics...

Ageless. Timeless. Well made. Well designed. Luxury.

Emte loves the classic pieces that we stock – they are the fashion accessories that you will not need to replace for years and years!  Always with you, becoming staples of your wardrobe, expressions of your personality, forever captured in memories, photos – loved and warn forever.

Classic black clutch, crisp white leather, stainless steel and leather watches, simple gold chains, delicate necklaces - these are the classic essentials that can make a massive difference to your life. Our pick of the classic accessories that you NEED to have in your hot little hands now can be seen here...

Status Anxiety - Mildred Wallet - Black 

The Horse - Original Collection Watch - Matte Black/Black Leather


:: The Horse - Original Collection Watch - Matte Black/Black Leather :: 


Fashion powerhouse Marc Jacobs one mused, “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it”. And we agree with him!

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