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We LOVE Quay Australia Sunglasses

Emte LOVES Quay Australia Sunglasses thumb

I think it's safe to say that we are not the only ones who are totally in love with Quay Australia Sunglasses!

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NEW Krystle Knight White Aura

SHOP Krystle Knight Jewellery at Emte Boutique

The latest beautiful collection of sterling silver and rose gold fine jewellery from Krystle Knight is probably one of our fave collections yet from this...

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NEW Samantha Wills Phosphenes

Maybe the most beautifully curated collection of fine jewellery from our favourite Samantha Wills, we are delighted to be offering you Samantha Wills' latest range 'Phosphenes'...

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NEW Samantha Wills Amethyst Solstice

samantha wills

Yes, that's right. The new collection from Samantha Wills 'Amethyst Solstice' is here! We've been hanging out waiting for this stunning collection of fine jewellery...

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So Many Midsummer Stars

midsummer star

We've been a Midsummer Star stockist for quite some time now, but we never stop being amazed by the ongoing release of even more absolutely amazing designs that these beauties keep creating...

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We LOVE Matters Speaking

matters speaking
Made with love, this beautiful jewellery inscribed with inspirational words will speak directly to you. The collective of words will inspire you.
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Who is Status Anxiety?

status anxiety blog

I'm sure you can tell by our website and stores that Emte is just a little bit in love with Status Anxiety. We've had a special thing for each other for a while...

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