Raw moments at Emte

So I'm going to be super open here. I do not know what I'm doing. I am a girl who started a boutique 7 years ago, like one of those old fashioned ones. There are bricks and windows and visual merchandising skills needed. Customers walk in the doors, try things on ask where the mirrors are even though its impossible to miss them.... After years of holiday makers asking me if they can buy my curated collection of Australia designers I folded! I started an online boutique. Its a monster and a whole business of its own, its hard every single day. Customers do not praise you, they never ask where the obvious mirror is or tell you what a beautiful shop you have, they don't tell you they are going to tell all their friends to come visit you because you have excellent customer service skills. Its just me sitting her in my office watching the birds flutter around my back yard and thinking I really need to hang out the washing. 

Im teaching myself how to upload images, and write blogs (this is my first one and I'm fingers crossed it works) I do not know what SEO means but I hope I'm doing it and I'm just wanting this to be a lot more that a silly blog about WHAT'S NEW or BEST SELLERS BACK IN STOCK .... This is emte .... we are really honest raw humans we only stock best sellers and if you ever want something to come back in stock all you have to do is ask. We will get it for you xxx 


If you are reading this I'm actually honoured xx

Until next time my loves, xxxxx

Ps we have just added two new brands to our family Nicole Fendel and Of Dreamers and  Dancers and we think they are just beautiful