Aacute was founded on various influences, one of which was Melbourne’s vibrant local community and the other, a mutual love of detail and its complement, imperfection. We love making things that are unique and not exactly like the other. By this we are referring to our designs, which are the constant, but the natures of the materials we use always produce a different result. We have spent 6 years endlessly learning through making and enjoy taking on new projects that challenge our creativity.

Aacute jewellery has proudly been stocked in boutiques and gallery design stores internationally, including MoMa Design Store USA, Japan and The Conran Shop UK. Our same formula wood wick candles have stood the test of time, with loyal customers coming back for more since 2012.

Our Ethos

Mass market does not inspire us. People in our community do.

In store, Aacute want to be a product that requires thoughtful decision. We refuse to be a trend and will only appeal to those who can feel our ethos of slow and sustainable.

We want to be a gesture or gift, which invite the receiver to slow down and create a space for relaxation. We invite our users to put their feet up and relax, be enveloped by the authentic scents and the glow of the candles and its warmth.

We understand that the Aacute community appreciates a small business backed by a story and philosophy.

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